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A woodland with dapples sunlight

Welcome to

Making Contact With Nature…

This website has been designed to showcase the projects we have completed (and the ones we are just starting) and to thank our funders for giving us the opportunity to make such a difference to peoples’ lives.

We want to make it possible to share the legacy from the work we have done so that other organisations and groups can develop their own multisensory and inclusive nature walks and workshops, not only for Blind and visually impaired people of all ages, but also for people with sensory loss, autism, dementia, mental health, special needs, impaired  mobility and learning difficulties, families and children – in fact for everyone!

The development of this website is funded by National Lottery players through the Heritage Lottery.

Explore the site for the information you need and let us know if you have any

questions, using the contact form, email or phone.

Check out the key elements of our
Sea-ing Sense Project 2022-2024

Sensing the Wild and more... 
How our journey started, our partnership with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, and extending our reach to the wider community.

        Our funders and partners

Our thanks to our funders and our Partner , the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, and to all our supporters and volunteers for their assistance with our work.

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