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Our Team at GFI


GFI is the umbrella organisation for this work and this website. A Community Interest Company with a National reach, it has a  team of  Directors (who do most of the boring work) and essential  Volunteers who assist us and help to support the people we work with.


                  Pam Bennett- MD

                  Sophie Bishop - Deputy

                  David Rose

                  Alan Norton

                  Christine Walker

                  James Kelleher

                  Chris Lofthouse

Take a look at the GFI website to find out more about our Work and our Team

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Our Team for the Sea-ing Sense Project

For this project we are working in Partnership with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust and our expert team includes:-
                 GFI                                                                       TVWT
  Sophie Bishop - Project Coordinator                Steve Ashton - Project Lead
    Pam Bennett- Project Manager                    Dr. Susan Antrobus - Evaluator
  Charles Twist - Sound specialist and                   Jacky Watson - Wilder Coast                   photographer                                                        Officer

  Leigh Nicholson - Sighted Guide Trainer             Trainees - Holly and Simon             
We will also be recruiting a Graduate
in 2024 to work with us on the Soundscapes

 In addition we have a number of volunteers supporting our activities in each area of Teesside plus assistance from Thomas Beckensall who designed our Sensing the Wild logo.


GFI Volunteers:

Lynda Parkes, Hugh Melvin (photographer), James Hopper, Barbara, Melanie, Andrew, Margaret Robinson, Steve Boyes, Vicky Parker, plus friends and family members who come to some of our events

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